BSO Foundation

What is the Foundation?

The Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra Foundation was formed in 2001 to provide an avenue of support for the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra beyond its annual operating budget and fundraising efforts.

Ticket sales, individual and corporate donations, and grants from various sources comprise the funds utilized by the symphony to present each season of wonderful concerts. However, the establishment of a solid financial base on which the symphony can grow even further is what makes the development of the BSO Foundation so important.

By utilizing the BSO Foundation as a vehicle for giving, patrons of the Bartlesville Symphony are able to make gifts, bequests and memorials which will assist the symphony in perpetuity—providing a benefit which will extend far beyond the actual gift itself.

How can I support the BSO Foundation?

The beauty of donating to a foundation is the flexibility and variety of options provided to the donor. Gifts of all sizes may take various forms such as, but not limited to:

  • Direct Gift
  • Annual pledge
  • Gift of property
  • Gift of stock
  • Planned Giving/Bequest
  • Memorial/Recognition

And as with all gifts to the Symphony or the BSO Foundation, your gift might well qualify for a matching gift from your employer, helping it go twice as far!
Your trust officer or financial planner can show you how a contribution to the Foundation will assure the future of the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra and provide tax benefits to you.

BSO Foundation Mission Statement

The Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra Foundation’s purpose is the receiving and investing of funds raised through contributions, pledges, grants, gifts, bequests, endowments, etc., to benefit the long-term financial security of the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra.

By utilizing the earned proceeds from the Foundation’s invested principal, the Foundation will be able to aid in the current growth and operation of the Bartlesville Symphony while maintaining a solid financial base for the future.
The BSO Foundation has received a Certificate of Incorporation from the Oklahoma Secretary of State. The Foundation also is recognized as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization by the United States Department of the Treasury. Our Employer Identification number is 31-1768580.

The Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra Foundation
P.O. Box 263
Bartlesville, OK 74005
Phone: 918-336-7717

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