Corporate Sponsorship

The financial contributions of corporate supporters are very important to the Symphony’s operation. Ticket sales account for only 30-40% of the symphony’s income. It is up to individual donors and corporate sponsors of the symphony to help fill the gap. Here are a few ways you can help with your gifts:


One of the most effective ways for businesses to associate themselves with prestige of the Symphony is through the sponsoring of concerts, receptions or symphony chairs.

Sponsorship of concerts entails a substantial donation to the symphony. For these larger donations, donors would be listed in the donor list appearing in each program as corporate sponsors by business name and logo, if available. For concerts this would be in all print ads, on the program, and announced verbally from the stage. For receptions this would primarily be through the invitations which are sent out to all donors and invitees, and in the program.


Alternatively, businesses or individuals have also chosen to support “chairs,” that is, various positions within the orchestra, the most prominent of which would be the Conductor’s Chair and the Concertmaster’s Chair. However it is most appropriate to sponsor other orchestral positions if the sponsor so desires. For this support, the sponsor would be listed as a corporate sponsor in each program, and would also be listed in each concert’s Orchestra Personnel list, e.g. ‘David Kazmierzak, The XYZ Corp. Concertmaster’s Chair.


A valuable donation to the Symphony can be in the form of services for which the symphony would otherwise pay. Examples of such in-kind donations have included food for cabaret concerts, billboard space and printing. This form of donation is also tax-deductible to the extent the law allows.

Bartlesville Symphony Foundation

The Bartlesville Symphony Foundation has recently been formed to ensure the long-term financial stability of the Bartlesville Symphony. Contributions are encouraged from individuals and businesses, alike. Unlike other contributions, donations to the Foundation do not directly assist in the operation of the Symphony. Instead, they are used to form the principal body of the Foundation’s holdings, the interest from which will eventually be available for operations, special projects or reinvestment for future use.

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